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Ad hoc Releases

25.03.2020, 4:37 PM (CET)
Ad hoc Announcement: Fraport AG Executive Board proposes a modified resolution on the appropriation of net profits

06.08.2018, 1:59 PM (CEST)
Ad hoc Announcement:?Disposal of Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen GmbH Shares

16.03.2017, 3:55 PM (CET)
Ad hoc Announcement: Awarding of the Fortaleza and Porto Alegre airport concessions

11.10.2016, 09:45 AM (CEST)?
Ad hoc Announcement: Compensation Payments and Sale of Shareholdings in Manila Project

31.07.2016, 12:55 PM (CEST)
Ad hoc Announcement: Sale of shares in Thalita Trading Ltd.

Ad hoc Announcement: Airport Charges 2015

Ad hoc Announcement: Supervisory board approves annual financial statements 2014 / higher dividend proposal

Ad Hoc Statement: Fraport AG named as preferred investor in the bidding process of regional airports in Greece

Ad hoc Announcement: Fraport AG reached an agreement for the purchase of Ljubljana Airport

Ad hoc Announcement: High Release of Provisions and Announcement of Dividend Increase

Ad hoc Announcement: Agreement Completed for Adjusting Airport Charges in 2010 and 2011 at Frankfurt Airport

Ad hoc Release: Change of Chairmanship at Fraport AG

Ad hoc release: Fraport AG receives EUR 41.9 million under German investment guarantee program for its Manila investments

Ad hoc release: Fraport AG is selling its subsidiary ICTS

Ad hoc release: ICSID dismisses Fraport AG's action for compensation against the Republic of the Philippines

Ad hoc release: Mediation between Fraport and Ticona/Celanese

Ad hoc release: Fraport AG Receives Offer for Acquiring Its Shares in Manila Business

Ad hoc release: Update concerning the offer to take over Fraport's stake in the Manila Project

Ad hoc release: Fraport Group Reports Noticeable Increase in Revenues

Ad hoc release: Fraport Plans to Raise Dividend

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