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Occupational health & safety management

Holistic, integrated occupational health and safety is an essential part of our overall corporate responsibility within the Group and in the individual companies at the various locations.

Ensuring the necessary structural and procedural organization and the necessary common framework conditions in occupational health and safety contribute to economic work processes and at the same time promote motivation, job satisfaction and the identification of our employees in the companies affiliated to the Group.

For the Fraport Group, the formulated occupational health and safety policy and principles form the common basis on which comprehensive occupational health and safety protection is built. These are concretized by the "Ten principles of occupational health and safety for safe working". They form the basis for a trusting cooperation within the company.

Principles in occupational safety

The operational policy objectives and principles of occupational safety listed below are based on the declaration of principles for occupational safety and health protection (see appendix) and, unless they contradict local legal requirements, serve as orientation and mandatory guidelines in all Group companies that are subject to the scope of regulation of Guideline F6.0 (Fraport Group Occupational Safety Management System). These must be reflected in the companies' own documented occupational safety objectives and activities.

  • Any work-related injury or illness is avoidable.
  • We do not accept any actions that endanger safety or health.
  • The management makes sufficient resources available.
  • All managers consciously exercise their function as role models.
  • Every employee is responsible for maintaining his/her own health and is jointly responsible for the health of his/her colleagues.
  • The active involvement and qualification of employees is of decisive importance.
  • Rules and regulations are observed.
  • Recognized defects must be eliminated immediately.
  • All incidents are investigated in order to prevent future injuries, damage to health and property.
  • We face up to a regular review through audits at all levels.

The overriding objectives of occupational health and safety are based on the following principle:

"The employees of the Group are to be protected against accidents, work-related health hazards and occupational diseases by preventive measures.

This principle calls for a distinct culture of prevention in the Group and its Group companies.

Customer focus

Our corporate activities are geared towards our customers and stakeholders.


Modern leadership

We encourage and insist on open and fair dealings with each other.


Active networking

Teamwork and networking throughout the entire Group to strengthen competitiveness and efficiency.


Willingness to change

We are a learning organization that responds to and actively shapes changes.


In accordance with Fraport AG's objectives and the voluntary commitment entered into with the GRI Standard (Global Reporting Initiative), occupational safety is an essential part of our overall corporate responsibility within the Group.

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