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Airport Supplies

Supplies to the Airport

Legislative changes concerning airport supplies

Airport supplies, which are not supplied by a known supplier of airport supplies, must be subjected to intensive screening. Any goods that cannot be screened at the accesses to the security restricted area shall be accompanied by security staff who will also monitor the unloading process and make sure that no prohibited articles are being introduced into the critical parts. This screening process may lead to additional waiting times.

Known supplier of airport supplies

Upon the introduction of the "Known Supplier of Airport Supplies", the legislation has implemented the principle of a safe supply chain, already known in airfreight security, for supplies that are being used on the airport itself. Any supplier, who implements and observes the legally prevailing security measures, can apply at Fraport AG to obtain the status of a known supplier of airport supplies. A granting of this status by Fraport AG will occur after the application documents have been checked and approved. The designation of this status is granted after the completed validation of the security measures as per the location of the applicant company (supplier).


By implementing and observing the legally required security standards, the known supplier fulfills the security standards. This means that the supplies must not be subjected to additional checks at the airport. Only checks of persons and vehicles will still be conducted.
This procedure ensures quicker access at all checkpoints and helps to avoid additional waiting time.

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