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Medical Center

New location

From Dec 20, you can find the team of Frankfurt Airport’s Medical Center in Building 226. The building is located directly at Terminal 1, Concourse A, Arrivals, and is accessible to the general public.

Cunsulting hours:

  • On weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.
  • Out of hours, a doctor is available daily (including weekends and public holidays) between 7 AM and 4 PM.
  • Vaccination service: daily from 7 AM to 4 PM.
  • Emergency services are available 24//7.

Medical Services

Fraport’s Medical Services take care of all medical needs at Frankfurt Airport. They operate the airport’s Emergency Center (“Airport Clinic”), including the Travel Vaccination Center, and provide emergency medical care in cooperation with Fraport’s Rescue Services.

The airport’s Medical Services work closely with the Health Department of the City of Frankfurt. They thus play a key role in the public health system, including protection against infectious diseases.

Moreover, Medical Services are actively involved into emergency planning.

Emergency Center

The Emergency Center (“Airport Clinic”) takes care of acute medical needs at Frankfurt Airport. It guarantees medical first aid and enables comprehensive medical care for passengers, visitors and employees. The Emergency Center is open 24 hours a day and is always staffed by medically qualified assistance personnel. ?

The tasks of the Emergency Center team include:

  • Providing acute medical care for employees, passengers and visitors at Frankfurt Airport through an interdisciplinary team of experienced emergency physicians and medical assistance staff
  • First aid in the event of occupational accidents
  • Provision of medical advice on aviation medicine issues to family physicians, hospitals, government agencies, passengers, etc.
  • Medical consulting

The Fraport Emergency Center is staffed with medical physicians daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • Regular consulting times are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays
  • Acute medical care by emergency physicians can be provided daily from 7?a.m. to 4?p.m., including on weekends and public holidays



Travel Vaccination Center

  • Provides comprehensive advice on travel medicine by physicians specialized and continuously trained in travel medicine
  • Vaccinations: No appointment is necessary for vaccinations – we recommend arriving between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • WHO-certified yellow fever vaccination center
  • Pre-travel medical check-ups (by appointment via our office reception - 069 690-66130, medizin@fraport.de)
  • Medical assistance staff specifically trained in travel and health advice is available




Emergency Physician

Together with the Frankfurt Airport Rescue Services, the physicians at the Emergency Center ensure emergency medical care in the airport's operational area and the adjoining “rescue service area 20” as defined by the City of Frankfurt. “Rescue service area 20” comprises the new Gateway Gardens district and parts of the highways surrounding the airport, including Germany’s busiest highway intersection.

Emergencies are seen with priority and might lead to wait times at the Airport Clinic and the Travel Vaccination Center.

Furthermore, one of the physicians from the Emergency and Vaccination Centers is also the Chief Emergency Physician of Fraport AG, with responsibility for the entire airport area.


Occupational Accidents

The Emergency Center is open 24 hours a day and is always staffed by medically qualified assistance personnel.

In the event of occupational accidents and accidents during the commute to work, our team provides first aid and, if necessary, refers the injured party to an external emergency physician.

Immediate medical care is available daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Sanitary Airport

Frankfurt Airport is classified as a “sanitary airport” in compliance with regulations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the IHR (International Health Regulations). Fraport’s Medical Services thus play a key role in maintaining public health, including the national and international protection against infectious diseases. For this purpose, they work closely with the Health Department of the City of Frankfurt.




Equipment in the Emergency Center/Travel Vaccination Center

  • 6 treatment rooms
  • 1 vaccination room
  • 1 examination room for eye diseases
  • 2 procedure rooms
  • Emergency physician rooms
  • Digital X-ray equipment for specialist medical care
  • Intensive care and isolation units in accordance with International Health Regulations (IHR)
  • ”Stretcher room”: bed-ridden patients who are being cared for can wait here for their connecting flights. This room is usually booked by the airline or the ambulance company assisting the passenger. Care is provided by the ambulance team.?
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