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Parking Management

Terminal 2 Zufahrt Parken

With nearly 40 years of experience in the management of airport parking facilities including traffic and parking guidance systems, we are your ideal partner addressing all aspects of parking management at Frankfurt Airport. We also demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in developing and operating parking facilities at Commerzbank Arena stadium (Frankfurt), the trade fair grounds (Messe Frankfurt), THE SQUAIRE and Gateway Gardens. Nation-wide we are responsible for up to 56,200 parking spaces.


Parking Marketing and Development

Fraport AG
Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide
Retail and Properties
Parking Management (HVM-PV)
60547 Frankfurt

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Parking management does not end at the boundary of the parking facility. Here is an overview of our services:

  • Consulting services and concept development for the construction of parking facilities, including the complete rehabilitation of old garages
  • Planning of parking, traffic control, communications, and monitoring systems
  • Facility management
  • Operational management and cash accounting, using qualified operation controllers and state-of-the-art payment systems
  • Operational traffic control with quick response times
  • Concepts to optimize user friendliness, operational processes and commercial success
  • Technology and electronic data processing, including the development of software
  • Traffic and operational planning, which integrates local and official systems
  • Flexible accommodation of special requests

Our daily experience with the parking facilities at Frankfurt Airport – one of the most highly frequented parking systems in Europe – guarantees an excellent service delivery level.

Customized Services

Innovative price and marketing strategies help us to meet the growing competition and increasing price sensitivity of private and corporate customers:

Terminal Parking

The parking facilities offer numerous parking spaces directly at the terminals. The vehicle is always parked in a covered area, guaranteeing our customers a convenient and direct access to the terminals at all times.

  • Terminal 1: Access via P2 or P3
  • Terminal 2: Access via P8 or P9

FRA's online rates for early bookers were developed for price-sensitive private travelers. Early birds save up to 60 percent of the regular parking fees, when booking a parking space at least one calender day in advance via the Internet at www.frankfurt-airport.com. The parking duration needs to be a minimum of 7 days up to a maximum of 29 days.


Holiday parking

For vacationers, convenient and low priced parking is available at FRA's large Holiday Parking lot, with about 1,500 car parking spaces directly on the airport site. A free shuttle bus service transfers the customers to the departure terminal. There is also the possibility of booking a parking space in advance for a €5.00 reservation fee.


Business Parking

Business Parking offers extra-wide parking spaces for more ease in parking, with fast and simple access to the check-in area at Terminal 1. No pre-booking or contracting necessary. The parking fees can be paid conveniently at the automatic pay stations.


Corporate Parking

Corporate Parking offers companies, business travelers and frequent flyers an opportunity to rent fixed parking spaces in the parking garages on a permanent basis with convenient access to terminal 1 or 2. The Corporate Parking Card can be registered for several company vehicles, providing a flexible use of the parking space. The minimum rental period is three months.

  • Corporate Parking 365: Parking at a flat-rate and without time limitation.
  • Corporate Parking Individual: Pay only when you have parked your car and save 10%. Additionally we provide precise monthly billing.

Premium Parking

Exclusive reserved parking area at Terminal 1. Extra-wide with bright illumination and attractively designed parking spaces are available at the Premium Parking area in the underground garage at Terminal 1, with direct access to the check-in areas. The minimum rental period is three months.


Secure Parking

For customers who want to ensure their car is absolutely safe during their trip, Fraport's cooperation partner Airport Car Service (ACS) offers the Secure Parking service. The vehicle will be parked behind reinforced doors in a secured area. A number of additional services are also available – from car valeting and fueling to taking your car to a repair shop.

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