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Energy and Utility Supply


Always ensuring an adequate supply

We supply everything that is required for building lot preparation: electrical power, heating, cooling, water, the proper disposal of sewage.

As a supra-regional energy supply company, our Energy Air GmbH subsidiary ensures optimum energy supply for our customers at FRA and beyond.

Eberhard Lieber

Eberhard Lieber

Technical Contact Person Network, Utilities, Energy

Fraport AG
Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide
Retail and Properties
Energy and Utility Supply (HVM-IM1)
60547 Frankfurt am Main

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General Information about Our Products and Activities

  • Ordering and construction of networks and facilities
  • Network distribution for electric power
  • Network distribution for other media
  • Recording and measurement of electric power, heat, cold and water quantities
  • Invoicing of electric power, heat, cold, sanitary sewage, surface water
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